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RAMI Audio

RAMI design, build and sell audio equipments intend for radio and TV broadcasting for more the 30 years
Our range covers broadcasting studio, such as mixing desk, headphone amplifiers, microphone control desk, audio signal routing, digital and analog audio signal detectors, telephone hybrids and many more.
Most equipments can connect and be remotely controlled using IP
RAMI is specialized in reporter desks for off voice in video edition. The audio link to the PC uses USB port.
Numerous TV organization use PJO300, PJO500, PJO600, PJO700 desks.
The new range of ON AIR light, the RGL100 that fits any microphone arm and the RGL300 a tower for speaker table with bright rings and nice design.

ODM808, intend for HF site watch. It features a receiver, a GSM module, and a back up battery.
The last ODM540 records and displays RDS information such as PS and radio text
RAMI also design and sell under AMIX trade name, audio level controllers, for dance floors, theatres, rehearsal studios.

In our design we always keep in mind, a strong ecology implication, to save energy, and to highly increase reliability.