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Omnitek specialises in the development of Waveform Monitors, Video Signal Generators and Picture Quality Analyzers. Since 1998, the company has supplied test and measurement products for broadcast, post production, colour grading and digital cinema applications covering all standards from SD and HD to 12G and 4K UHD.

The new Ultra XR 4K/UHD waveform analyser with picture monitor, true 4K waveform monitor, vectorscope, BT.709 / BT.2020 CIE gamut charts, video timing, audio meters and video / audio status instruments allow SD to 4K analysis as standard in a small form factor unit.

Omnitek’s Ultra 4K Tool Box 4K/UHD Analyser/Generator/Converter is an industry-leading T&M product. Now supports the analysis and generation of over 1700 video formats (i.e. possible frame rate, colour space, bit depth and link types).

Omnitek’s OTM 1000 (3G-SDI capable Advanced Waveform Monitor) and OTR 1001 (waveform rasterizer and PQ Analyser with in-service A/V delay measurement) with extensive tools available for the SD, HD and 3G-SDI markets.